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Whether it’s for a job opportunity, a change of scenery, or to be closer to family, deciding whether or not to move to another city can be one of the most challenging decisions made. But, thanks to the advances in technology, you can now explore new cities, before you decide to take the plunge with a little bit of online research! At The Village of Bellaire Apartments, you can even use our home decor planner to see what your future looks like inside of our apartments! Are you considering the idea of moving to Houston? We’ll outline some of the most common pros and cons for living in the great city of Houston, Texas!

What makes Houston more desirable than other Texas cities, such as Austin, San Antonio, or even Dallas? Houston is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the country, and we don’t believe it’s by chance! If you ask any Houston resident, they’ll tell you, Houston is one of the most well-rounded and easiest places to live. They’ll swell up with pride and quickly let you know just how proud they are to be a Houstonian and how living in Houston has changed his or her life for the better. 

We’ve put together some of the top reasons to move to Houston, based on some of the city’s most widely accepted pro’s. And, just to make sure we’re properly educating, here, we’ll include a few of the drawbacks, as well.

Living in Houston is More Affordable Than Other Large Cities

The cost of living in Houston is fairly reasonable, all things considered. In a city as large as Houston, living close to work or school doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. When compared to other cities with similar offerings, 9 times out of 10, Houston comes in cheaper. For example, the cost of living in Houston is 13% cheaper than the cost of living in Austin. 

At The Village of Bellaire Apartments, we offer some very competitive rates. Our varied floor plan layouts offer unique options, including patios, vaulted ceilings, balconies, and walk-in closets to make the move to Houston an enjoyable experience.

Houston Has a Booming Job Market

The city of Houston has a rapidly growing job market. Over the past decade, the Houston economy has given people an extra incentive to move! Because of the loose zoning laws, businesses have opportunities to open up all over the city. Mom and pop shops sit right beside skyscrapers, and we love it! Houston welcomes new business. The influx of young talent has also created an entrepreneurial environment, especially in the Greater Houston area. 

Houston is also home to one to the largest medical centers in the world. Graduates from some of the most prestigious universities come to the Med Center for positions or to further their education. 

Commute Time Matters in Houston

It’s true, Houston isn’t the most walking-friendly city. While some areas are walkable, it’s nearly impossible to walk from one neighborhood to the next, with ease. Despite the city’s efforts, one of the biggest drawbacks to living in Houston is the lackluster public transportation and long commute times. Having a car will help, but avoiding long commutes during peak time is harder than in most cities. 

The Village at Bellaire mitigates this problem, for most. It’s one of the best-located apartment complexes in Houston. We’re conveniently located at 5454 Newcastle Street. That’s close to Rice University and only minutes away from everywhere you want to be, like Downtown Houston, University of St. Thomas, and Pin Oak Park. This location also offers easy access to Houston Medical Center, 610 Loop, West Park Tollway, West Park Drive, and I-69. Our location is one of the few pedestrian-friendly areas, close to plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Houston is a Foodie’s Paradise

As Texas-cliche as it is, Houston has some of the best Tex-mex and barbeque. But, that’s not all we have to offer! Houston is truly a foodie paradise, featuring diverse ethnic cuisine from across the world. In Houston, you can eat at a different restaurant every night for a year, and you still won’t hit them all! You can literally find anything you want here, when it comes to food! Vegan, burgers, Indian, Thai, Italian.

Houston doesn’t stop at food joints, though. Whether you’re a coffee lover or more into the local brewery scene, Houston has no shortage of one-of-a-kind coffee shops, breweries, and craft cocktail bars. 

Entertainment in Houston

Moving to Houston will bring a unique blend of Texas traditions and modern city life. Remember how we mentioned how Houston was one of the most well rounded cities? This is what absolutely makes Houston one of the most ideal places to live: the entertainment options. Here are just a few of the many options Houston has to offer:

Moving to Houston is a Breeze

Whether you’re moving to Houston for work, for family, or simply for a change in scenery, tracking down supplies and finding help is much easier, compared to other cities. While Houston has many of the amenities and contemporary influences that you’d expect in a modern metropolis, you’ll still find a lot of giddy-up here! From experiencing the rich history to gaining from the booming economy, moving to Houston can definitely alter your life, for the better!

If you’re looking for an apartment in Houston, check out The Village at Bellaire! We’d be glad to set you up with a walk through or answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 713-349-8855!

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