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Moving Costs Calculator

Let’s face it:  Moving can be a hassle.  Throwing your whole life into a set of boxes gets intimidating and no one enjoys a surprise expense when they would rather focus time, energy, and resources elsewhere.  For that reason, we’ve included this guide to outline things to consider when making your moving plans. This moving…

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Apartment Inspection Checklist

Helpful Tenant’s Guide Before Moving In Choosing a new place to live can be a stressful experience. Location, cost, amenities, and countless other variables can make the process stressful. By using an inspection checklist before moving into your new apartment, you can save time and ease some of the stress and uncertainty with living in…

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Moving to Houston

Whether it’s for a job opportunity, a change of scenery, or to be closer to family, deciding whether or not to move to another city can be one of the most challenging decisions made. But, thanks to the advances in technology, you can now explore new cities, before you decide to take the plunge with…

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